The Good, Die Young

There was always something about your aura… You didn’t show negative emotion or energy unless it was warranted. You could be deadly serious with a smile on your face, always welcoming, and happy, hardworking. 2017, October 31st. The craziest party we ever went too, I dressed up as Agent J from Men In Black, and I swear I remember you went as a pimp, we were both broke as hell for Halloween we managed to fork up some cash for a bottle. Hahaha, we made it work, we had too, there was no way we wanted to be sober for that night. I remember watching you dance on the tables of the house taking shots from one table to the other, hahahaha ah man we had fun.


This photo alone defines the relationship he had with friends. Not every friend you had was focused on your best interest, and you knew that rightfully so… You still loved everyone good or bad. We didn’t always make the best decisions brother, but we honestly meant well. We were heavily focused on being financially independent, sometimes that required us opting for a quicker route/shortcut. What ultimately made you grow into the man we know you for now. Me being 3 years younger, I was always more reckless, and you showed me the ropes…You told me things that you did not want me to do… You learned from your mistakes and educated me. Sooner than later I couldn’t get a beer with my friend without hearing you were in BC working or in Saskatoon working, you switched your focus to work and I was never mad at that, neither of us was, we embraced it, you were happy, you had structure.


Sometimes I wish I was as close with my family the way you were close to yours. Here’s Mia! Keegan’s absolute WORLD. I respected the fact you never went too far from home, you knew where you came from. When I say everyone around was watching you transform into this amazing soul we mourn today, I mean it, we all watched you grow up. You realized that other little souls were looking up too you, and you took initiative and acted. Your family gracefully loves you for that, and also your friends.


I remember days you didn’t want to go out and film new skate parts, I was that little brother that nagged you to keep filming. I followed you around the city from skate spot to spot, fucking ourselves up. I was so pumped at every freaking trick you landed, you had style and steeze, everything I wish I had as a skater. You were a role model, and I don’t even think you knew that. You made damn sure I never gave up, and you always wanted me to succeed in what I wanted to do, skate-wise, and life-wise.

I’ll save the rest for me, you’re friends, and family to share so we can celebrate your life rejoicing that we were fortunate enough to be apart of your journey.

We Love You, We Miss You, and we celebrate your life, Keegs. – Luv Saul & Friends 



KEYWORD: Starting. Starting that diet, starting that podcast, starting that blog, putting forth the extra foot forward to achieving our own personal endeavours. As humans, we dream, we wish. But what also makes us humans is the amazing ability to achieve those dreams, and create what we once pictured in our minds to hold that dream in the palm of our hands.


It’s God-given, but with that being said, not everyone prevails in their own perception on how they think they should or could be living… Take a moment to think about that for a second.

Some of us… A lot of us to be accurate, don’t ever get the chance to live how we think we should.

To add another perspective, some say life is a simulation… Our brain is a powerful powerhouse, it generates data when light passes through the cornea and lens which both then process the world as we see it to photo-receptors called the retina. Those times you daydream wishing you could be doing something else, visualizing a better lifestyle…


Watch this quick video of Gary Vee talking about the biggest reason most of us never achieve any of the goals we think about daily.

5 Minute Plea To Do

“The Key to content success, is that you have to start documenting instead of creating.” – Gary Vee

      I have fell victim to procrastination, excuses, the feeling of not knowing where to start. Wanting to be known for a specific skill, wanting to express yourself through your own outlets, based on your own knowledge and what you’ve learned.

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology.

Jordan Peterson says; “You must determine where you are going in your life, because you cannot get there unless you move in that direction. Random wandering will not move you forward. It will instead disappoint and frustrate you and make you anxious and unhappy and hard to get along with (and then resentful, and then vengeful, and then worse).”

  • And knowing what you want to do is very key… Were all so young in our bodies and minds. We all want to ‘make sure” we don’t need a plan B… We very much like to stick to plan A.
  • Our imagination blossoms, and creates these amazing ideas and visions that we are the sole control of. But ideas, or just ideas… Dreams are just…Dreams.
  • It’s what we do as strongwilled beings to actually manifest those ideas. And with channelling, those ideas we stand before failure, pain, and require consistency before we can ever prevail.giphy
  • Personal life comes into play, financial drawbacks, supportive mishaps. We fall prey to the ever vicious circle. We begin doubling back, going back to things that distract us. While we tell our peers “I’m working on it”…
  • Thus we never actually ‘start’ ANYTHING, we put things off and leave them for later. Procrastinate until, the procrastination, becomes additional procrastination. 9f8b8e1b575e94bfc0e49ba0c4a85fb4


“Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you’re only screwing yourself.”



At some point, we need to stop resorting to motivational videos, speeches, books, knowledge has to be put into action. It’s not always about you either, other people learn from our natural ability to bring great visionary ideas into our physical dimension. Our ideas, thoughts… Are not of this world.

It’s almost Godlike,

That’s why you are selling yourself short when you do not act on those ambitions. Starting is the act of moving towards your will. And as humans, the strongest thing we are given is our will.

Start Today, Start Now.



XXXTentacion, Idolism, & Ignorance

Save the moral high-ground prejudice. I also believe that death is an unfortunate occurrence. But…With that being said, can one mourn the passing of a blindly-idolized celeb?

Sometimes, we put the people we love in a box. And sometimes those boxes we prize more than others. That usually brings forth, the categories of which person(s), that makes you feel or think a certain way, want to be a certain way, or perceive life in a specific way. Okay, but what if that person has done terribly bad things? And also created an amass cult following through amazing music? And continued those bad things, but emanated positive energy to those around him, and around the world?

  • You can probably see that a relationship with the admiration of a celebrity is starting to look contradicting and a little convoluted.

But it’s more than that, people follow those they are influenced by. Negative or positive. And me as an artist, influencer, and person who is influenced to create music can say both of those attributes can be good. Because, as you age. You remove the things that don’t fit into your character. These artists, or “celebs” mould us. But it’s a double-edged sword because we either reap the benefits of the nutrition of music. Or we don’t gain anything from it. And if you’re not evolving for the better, you are declining.

“You actually evolve faster when you look to uplift, rather than judge those who seem to be struggling in life.” Russel Simmonds

XXXTentacion was quoted as an inspiration to artists Kanye West, J.Cole, & Diplo

He was also known to have the “it” factor which many celebs refer to as a magnetic force that gravitates people to you, to know who you are, to understand you more.

But that goes without saying… What if this attribute is placed in the hands of someone who is toxic to us and our relatively young little brains?

“I’ve often stood silent at a party for hours listening to my movie idols turn into dull and little people”. – Marilyn Monroe

“I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. And I think that’s what I sussed when I was sixteen and twelve, way down the line. But I expressed it differently all through my life. It’s the same thing I’m expressing all the time. But now I can put it into that sentence that I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends.” – John Lennon

XXXTentaction had more than his fair share of controversy. With 15 accounts of assault… All domestic. But I’m sure you already know this. So I won’t go there.

The people around Jahseh Onfroy, are proud to say he was a very interesting soul and continuously strived to emanate positive energy amongst all the bad he has done, especially to the people and idols who have brought him out of emotional poverty… And truthfully is that not what we’re all doing?

It is because XXXTentacion is also…Human. And was influenced to do some of the things that he once did, through movies, life, his parents, music, and his environment.

So are we all sponges to everything around us? How do we filter out the poison?

The thing is nowadays most of us don’t. But the small percentage of the ones that do knows that music, movies, celebrities are just that. Entertainment is entertainment, music is music, celebrities are just people… With radical opinions sometimes.

  1. On that same note, we need to compartmentalize who we are as humans/souls. Ask yourself what is my moral compass and where is it leading me? Ask yourself that.
  2. What am I going to glorify in this body? What am I going to stand for? What am I going to take a seat for? Will I give up? And if not, how do I keep going?
  3. Who do I choose to lead me? Do I want a strong moralistic foundation? Or do I want a shaky & questionable but self-defining foundation?

And the ones that choose the latter are usually our rock bands, rappers, artists, screen actors. And it’s rebelling, fun, intriguing. To tell people “fuck you, if you don’t accept me”

But when will we think for ourselves, not only that but when will we think for ourselves because we’re the most important?

These artists, celebs, actors, your “idols” need you, to reinforce who they think they may be. You mold celebrities fashion choices, privacy, music, and things they say.

So… Be your own fucking idol. Because you are. Revert all thanks to the “Man” who put you in that body.

Jahseh’s music was powerful, full of emotion… He was a great singer, artist, and an amazing songwriter. Rest In Positivity X.

XXXTentacion’s Music Lives On

The Power Of 3′

the World in Style

The Power of… 3

3′ is a powerful number.

The #3 holds a great advantage, not only does it secrete ever flowing intuition, and also invokes expression, versatility and the act of pure joy in its wake of creativity, But there are 3 strong points to a pyramid… 3 strong points, which hold the structure of the pyramid in its entirety, creating a supportive balance. 3 is Ying, & Yang. You can’t have 1 point of a pyramid without the other, there are 3 reasons as to why these 3 Key Points are so important.



The 1ST Point of the Pyramid

Nolan solidified his importance early on with captivating his audience with great mixes… Nolan utilized his likeness by not only being one of the youngest DJ’s that actually created amazing mixes people gave a f*ck about in the first place.

giphy (1)

I can’t stress this enough, everyone knows where Nolan started from, and how he got to where he is now. Not only the life of the party when away from the turntables, but he’s super humble and willing to take anyone under his wing to teach them a few things, He made it cool to be a 20-year-old DJ from Regina from the jump.


Specializing in Dubstep/Trap/BassHouse

403Clubbers Resident for Promotions and Event Planning

He has shared the stage with the likes of Delta Heavy, Bear Grilz, Dodge & Fuski and more.
Currently Expanding in Calgary one show at a time, let the music do the talking. – His own words.

He grabs his influence from many different DJ’s…


NAPZT3R is important to the structure of Calgary & Saskatchewan’s DJing scene… Follow his movements on his social media… He’s continuously making moves and doing shows.

Headling massive shows like BEAKERHEAD After Party in YYC, FOAM Festival in YQR. He decided he would take his talents out to Calgary, but it never stops him from coming to his place of birth to perform at a couple sold out shows… Yes, this bastard sells out his own shows, Insane right?


Not only have I shared the stage with Nolan, him being my DJ for a couple of shows I’ve had in the past. But I’ve also shared a few shots with the boy and he knows how to party, make people laugh, and he knows how to set the tone for the night no matter what kind of vibe people are wanting to vibe too… You can’t find this kind of drive in a Producer anywhere else…

Riley Maguire: alias – STVNK FVCE


Riley, f*ucking Maguire…

The 2nd Point of the Pyramid

The day I met Riley Maguire I knew seldom about him, he was hilarious, confident and would never let himself slide by a good joke to make sure everyone gives out a laugh… Shortly after I learned that he was musically inclined I gained more respect for him as an artist. Truth be told, who the f*ck knew white boys could be so good at DJing?

I honestly never took this into account… Riley has been making waves way before I even knew his mutual friends that introduced me to him… He was the go-to guy for home parties, performing for VIBE Music Festival and not to mention holiday themed specific club events… He’s quite experienced in his craft from performing on a stage to a more comfortable venue.


STVNK FVCE, formerly known as DJ Flex. Has also shared the stage with NAPZT3R. Headlining NYE Fire & Ice and being one of the main entities to bring the show into fruition. All associating acts from the local scene. That doesn’t mean he keeps his networking considerably tight though…

Because he is also an entrepreneur… DJ’s & Producers are all entrepreneurs, they find their own gigs, they create them if that have too. No one is out here handing out free plates for them to eat out here, they have to provide that for themselves. (1).gif

Riley realized this very early and went for broke…

giphy (2).gif

Headling multiple gigs, before he decided to start something himself. Dan Bartake and Riley, & Zach Haas decided to start MadSociety Events, Regina’s Premier Nightlife & Entertainment Company.


Zack Haas: alias – Zovah

“Life is what you make it” – Zack Haas

Entrepreneur. Zovah has always been able to bring out a solid audience. His charisma adds to his ability to keep everyone entertained. Not to mention have you seen his ability to promote a show? Let alone his ability to put together a solid act?

It’s fucking next to none..

Zovah has this weird ability to get anyone on board no matter who they are, you have to have people believe in you to have this trait. Not only is he a rapper, but he’s also a decent ladies man… He can probably fuck your b*tch…AT the same damn show he headlines.

Zack has been working hard to make a name for himself and things are starting to come around.

Not to mention the huge NYE Fire & Ice show he performed at, and helped put together.

NOW Mad Society is on to the next one…

January 18th

Lets Get Mad @ The Owl Nightclub

Not a lot of people have the ability to bring out a solid set, or even a solid audience that’ll share that amazing set with him.

This is where Zack Haas adds to the pyramid.

His charisma, work ethic, and his easy going attitude make it all a warm welcome for like minded people with great energy to want see him do well.

Truthfully, many businesses lack the ability to even find or keep someone of this specific character that withhold these traits.

But to also ooze that into your everyday life and not just your work…

Almost impossible.

He is ultimately the Holy Trifecta to this pyramid.

So I say this with the utmost respect and disrespect at the same time.

Sleep on if you wish, really.

The only people real making a name for themselves while having fun are these 3 individuals.


They get paid for it, while your broke ass out here doing shows for free.

Don’t hate, regulate.

Get Connected, Stay Connected:

Social Media Handles:


Zovah Official Facebook Page

NAPZT3R Insta Page

Catch Nolan @ The Palace Theater Jan 5th, 2019

January 18th,

Lets Get Mad



3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina, Saskatchewan
19+ ID Required No Exceptions! Licensed Event. Alcohol

Purchase Tickets Here: